Board Members

Sharon Gomez - President

Frank Swiervzynski - VP

Raquel Garcia - Secretary

Mario Sprindys - Treasurer

We invite all residents in our community to get involved to make Old Oaks the best place to live in Plainfield. We know everyone has a busy schedule but if we all can pitch in were we can, our little area can be a clean, safe and family friendly environment. The more volunteers we have, the better our community.

We try to e-mail everyone with notices, newsletters etc. but we also want to have a central information place where you can find: past newsletter, detailed information on upcoming events, Waste Management information, local vendor information , budgets and more.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail our Board of Directors at: admin@MyOldOaks.Com

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Foster Premier (our property manager)
456 B N. Weber Road
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Gina Cashman CMCA
Licensed Community Mgr
P 815.886.6241
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Items of Interest

Old Oaks Townhome Residents:

Tree trimming will start on Wednesday January 11, 2023, weather permitting.  Please remove your cars from the driveway so they could safely trim the trees.  Please let your tenants know if applicable.  

Your attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

Any questions please contact Gina at

Trees trimmed, thanks for you co-operation. Now, hurry up Spring.


October 2022 Newsletter

Click link for our October Newsletter Items of interest.

Snow Removal Reminder 

Hartman Landscape and Snow Removal is contracted to remove snow within our community.  As a reminder, snow is not removed until there is at least a two inch (2”) snow fall.  This does not count snow that has drifted after accumulation and clean up.  Removal shall begin within 4 hours of accumulation.  Snow is not removed if it is less than 2” or if vehicles are blocking driveways.  After each snow removal the streets are salted only at the entrances and the three turns.

Garbage Collection

As a reminder garbage cans are not to be placed out prior to 4:00 p.m. on the night before collection and cans must be retrieved by the end of the day of pick up.  Garbage cans are not to be stored outside.

Your attention to these matters is greatly appreciated.

May 2022 Newsletter

Click link for our May Newsletter Items of interest:

Annual Meeting - Become a Board Memeber
2022 Garage Sale
Legal Changes Declarations and ByLaws

Just a few reminders that continue to be an issue in the community The below items in addition to others, are subject to fines within Old Oaks TH. It is not the intention of the community to fine for what an owner believes is a ‘petty thing’ however, fining is sometimes the only way to promote the safety and welfare of others as well as keeping the community looking and feeling well taken care of. Additionally, living so close to our neighbors requires each owner and/or their tenants to remain aware of the proximity and concerns that may arise from another resident’s actions. You are responsible to be respectful to your neighbors.

Dog Owners: Do not leave your pet unattended and keep on a leash while outside, this includes both dogs and cats. Immediately pick up after your pets. We continuously ask residents not to allow their pets to wander on long leashes up to the front or back of another residence. Regardless of what your pet wants to do, you are the one who is supposed to be in control at all times. Allowing your pet to defecate or urinate on someone’s front landscape is unacceptable pet ownership and creates areas which kill lawns. You should be responsible enough to have your pet urinate and defecate in your owner areas or at the dog park.

Garbage: Garbage cans are not allowed to be stored out and should be removed from the curb by the end of day of garbage pick-up. GARBAGE CANS LEFT OUT ARE SUBJECT TO FINES! **Please make sure that your garbage is in secured bags and in the garbage can so that trash doesn’t blow around in the neighborhood***. Boxes must be broken down and tied together, same as carpeting and other large items. Garbage cans may only be placed at the curb after 4:00PM the day prior to garbage pickup and bins removed along with items not picked up by the end of the day of garbage collection. Placing items at the curb over the weekend and prior to the time as noted above is subject to fines. For large items you are required to contact the hauler to make special arrangements for pickup and to notify management of those arrangements.


Driving: Please remember to slow down when driving through the community. Remember not to “jump on the gas” if you have a loud muffler or diesel engine as this creates a loud obnoxious noise through the community, essentially causing a disturbance to others. You may be fined. If you have a loud muffler or maintenance needed such as flat tire repairs, you are required to make repairs. If your guests have loud mufflers, you as the homeowner may be fined for disturbance.

Rentals: If you are leasing your unit, you must submit a copy of the lease to Management and keep a current lease on file at all times or you are subject to fines. Leases are required to have a stated end date and be signed by both you and your tenant. You can email leases to: Owners should be sharing newsletters and rules with their tenants as this information is not provided by the board or management to your tenants. You are responsible for your tenants at all times.

Clark Mosquito Spray: Old Oaks contracts to spray mosquitos using both truck applications (fog) and backpack applications (rear yard areas). Below is the schedule. Your truck spray applications are scheduled for the following dates: 6/2 6/9 6/16 6/23 6/30 7/7 7/14 7/21 7/28 8/4 8/11 8/18 Backpack spraying of the rear yards has not been shared

Apr 27, 22- Exposed Cables

Hello Old Oaks Homeowners,

During a recent property visit, Hartman Landscape has noticed numerous exposed cable/telephone wires within the community. It is advised that all homeowners please inspect the wires that are in connection with your unit. If you see any exposed wires or wires extending to landscape beds or common areas, please contact your provider to ask them to bury, secure, or relocate the wires. Exposed wires cause risk to trip hazards as well as risk to be damaged during landscape mowing, at which landscapers are not liable for damages to wires. Owners who are renting please make sure to inspect the property and notify your tenants. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

If you have any questions please contact Gina Cashman with Foster Premier at: gcashman@fosterpremier.c

2022 Major Maintenance

The board and asphalt/concrete contractor will review driveways and sidewalks for replacement this spring.  If you believe you have a trip hazard at your service walk (area leading to your front door) please contact management by April 30 so you can be added to the list for specific review.  Otherwise, your area may be overlooked. 

Landscape will be reviewed for removals and replacements again in the spring.  Please remember, there is no planting allowed along the sides of your unit if you are on the end.  You may plant in the current mulched landscape beds in both the front and the back, however you plant at your own risk as some plant material looks like weeds and may therefore be removed.  If you plant anything invasive it will be removed at your cost, this includes mint, certain ground covers, some grasses, and other plants.  Always review before planting.

We do have plans to mulch the property this year.  If you choose to mulch on your own, your area may/will be skipped.  No red mulch is allowed to be put down, it will be removed at your cost.

Garbage Pickup

Tuesday is our scheduled pickup day. Their trucks can be here as early as 6:30 am.

If our scheduled service is on a major holiday, generally the pickup will be the next day. So if a major holiday is on a Monday or Tuesday, we will be delayed a day.

Please police your area.

For details, please visit:

Recycling Electronics and Other Hazardous Materials
Waste Management will collect recyclables at your door. You do have to make and appointment. This is a free service.
 Residential Services (

Important Insurance Notification
(April 2020 - New agent)

Effective September 22, 2016, the Farmers Insurance Group became the insurer for the Old Oaks Townhome Association. The Association policy covers the buildings and common area liabilities. (Note - not personal contents). If your mortgage company is requesting common area insurance information please contact Farmers directly at Thomas Wrubik, our Farmers agent. You need to fill it out and return to him ASAP so that he can forward to your mortgage holder.

Office of Thomas Wrublik
Farmers Insurance
1635 W Wise Rd Ste 3
Schaumburg, IL 60193-5476
847-891-3755 (Office)
847-891-5597 (Fax)


Many trees were removed and replaced throughout the community and extensive lawn repairs were completed with seed blankets.  If these need to be reseeded it will be done in the spring and if they need to be watered, this is the homeowners responsibility to make sure this is taken care of. 

Making Payments

TO ALL HOMEOWNERS: Whether you make payments through your bank, via credit card or are on ACH through Foster Premier please REGISTER to gain 24/7 access to your own account for your monthly and/or annual assessment fee. You can review your payments, see if there is a balance due, if your payment cleared etc… This new system will allow homeowners the capability and flexibility to maintain your account 24/7 and at your convenience without having to contact management to inquire regarding balances, last payment received etc.

Go to, homeowner, click “make a payment” or “online account access” and click the register button in the upper right-hand corner.

Once you register you will receive a confirmation email within a few hours. If you do not receive an email please check your “spam” and “junk” folders.

Plant Replacements
If you have new plants, please water them.
Pet Owners
Please clean up after your pets immediately and keep them on a lease.
Garbage Pickup
Do not place your cans out before 4 pm the prior day and remove before 7pm on the pickup day.
Outside Storeage
Do not store items on the side of your unit or in common areas. This includes garbage cans.

Snow Removal                    

Hartman Landscape and Snow Removal is contracted to remove snow within our community.  As a reminder, snow is not removed until there is at least a two inch (2”) snow fall.  This does not count snow that has drifted after accumulation and clean up.  Removal shall begin within 4 hours of accumulation.  Snow is not removed if it is less than 2” or if vehicles are blocking driveways.  After each snow removal the streets are salted only at the entrances and the three turns.

The board of directors authorizes additional salting on the property on an as needed basis.  This is based on several factors including temperature, upcoming snow falls, and amount of snow/ice planned in the service area.  As a reminder, owners can purchase ice melt to use sparingly around their units.  Excessive use of salt on the property will damage and possibly kill plant material and lawns.  For these reasons owners are expected to drive slowly and walk carefully through the subdivision at all times and to consider the Chicago Area conditions when walking through the property.

Leasing / Assessments

If you are leasing your unit, you are obligated to provide current leasing documents to be on file at all times.  Landlords are responsible for the actions of their tenants including all fines.  The fine for not having a current lease on file is $50 per month.  Month to month leases require a new lease every month.  No lease may be for less than 6 months.

If you haven’t caught up on your assessments be aware that accounts will be turned over for collections after you miss the second payment  In the past a board member may have left a statement on your door, however, that is no longer the case.  If you have received a 30 day notice from management the next step is legal.  All legal costs are processed under your account and become the homeowners responsibility.

The 2020 coupon books have gone out, if you didn’t receive yours please contact Gina Cashman and she can reorder you a new one.

The new assessment will be $220.00 and is due January 1.  Late fees in the amount of $25 are applied if not received by the 15th of each month.


Coyotes have always been a part of our neighborhood at Old Oaks.  We are surrounded by wooded areas and plenty of wildlife to sustain them.  We see them walking down the middle of the street, running around the pond, traveling across the ice, and we see them in the day and night.  You are responsible to make sure your pets are on leashes and you are with your pet when he/she is outside.  If you are worried one is nearby, you can clap your hands and make some noise to try and scare them.  If you are new to the neighborhood or an old timer you should always be aware of the surrounding wildlife including deer, snakes, possum, raccoons, mice, moles, and spiders (big ones)!

Link to good conservation article re: Coyotes


City of Joliet Information

We have added new information regarding the City of Joliet. Though we have a Plainfield mailing address, we are subject to the City of Joliet's regulations.

New Resident Information PDF file with an overview of the City (can also be found at www.CityofJoliet.Info).

Joliet Pet Regulations PDF file

Fire Pet Safety Information PDF file.


Painting Notes

 The color for the front doors is Benjamin Moore – Chrome Green #PM-10 

If you have to repaint the door be sure to use the correct color as they all must be the same.  Storm doors also must be green.  The hardware for the door can be whatever you would like to change it to.